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Bathroom ProjectI painted this mural of water horses coming in on the giant waves, a legend that has been in the back of my mind since I was a child. I designed the colors in the bathroom to match my painting, with help from my installer. The listello borders are hand-made from pieces she cut from all the tiles, there are no grout lines in the wainscoting to stop the eye from its sweep around the room, making it look larger. Gorgeous!

Hand-built listello border tiles by Sherry Horton
Ceramic art tile mural by Dy Witt
This is the art tile mural I created for the bathroom. The installer helped me find all the colors of tile to match it, and cut all the pieces for the listellos and put them together by hand.
New bathroom remodel with ceramic tile and muralThe bathroom wall Sherry Horton created, using my ceramic art tile mural.

The Golden Hills of California

Close-up of the above mural

This is a project that I designed cabinet knobs to match the tiles I painted.
Matching tiles and cabinet knobsMatching tiles and cabinet knobs

Two-tile mural of a pond scene
Two-tile mural of a client's pond
Portuguese folk art-style of a Tree of Life
Portuguese Folk Art-style mural installed in a bath

Wildlife tiles installed in the kids' shower

All images © 2013 Dy Witt

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